We believe....

Humanity is amazing!

Freedom is your ability to pursue your hopes and dreams without the constraint of wealth, financial obligations, culture, politics and religion and with minimum societal constraints. Every person deserves to be born into true freedom

The future is an amazing place! It is a place where people are born into a world where they can grow up to pursue their dreams with minimal constraints. Surrounded and supported by a ubiquitous intelligence, each individual will have access to all the resources our planet can offer - regardless if it is natural resources or man made resources.

No longer will individuals be born into present day financial slavery where they are expected to replace their dreams and individuality with the constant drive to acquire a steady wage to pay for the journey through life. There is something fundamentally wrong when society is modeled to require 99% of people to sacrifice their freedom and instead build wealth (and freedom) to the top 1%.

If we want to #MoveHumanityForward, we can't use AGI to evolve our world, to build better products or services or even to outcompete the incumbents. We have to rewrite what it means to live on planet Earth. We have to create a new economic model, challenge existing laws and break down the financial and political structures. We need to build a new model for society that is human-centric.

Innovation is about progressing freedom for humanity. At some point we forgot about that and focused on innovating for the purpose of wealth creation. #MovingHumanityForward means focusing the power of AGI on humanity at the cost of wealth & power acquisition of the financial and political elite!

Symbiotic human-machine relationship

According to the General Theory of Intelligence, an individual's ability to achieve their goals and dreams is linked directly to their ability to access the resources they need to change the composition of SpaceTime. Because the global economy is the model we use to distribute resources to people, it makes sense to use Nigel AGI to change that to a more just, fair and human-centric model.

Imagine if the economy was that symbiotic relationship between humans and intelligence machines - an econonomic relationship that made machines dependent on humans and humans on machines.

We envision trillions of connected devices with the human-level intelligence working proactively to accrue the necessary resources an individual needs to move closer to their goals. As trillion of devices gets connected, more of the global economy will be digitized, moving our world closer and closer to a fully digitized global economy empowered by the global networks and all its devices, services and content.

Behind this fully digitzed global economy is an AGI that constantly is becoming more intelligent because of the stream of sensor data from people living their lives and in turn, the AGI is using its understanding of reality to bring resources to people. A perfect union between human and machines.

Rewriting Humanity

Building a path to trillion of connected devices, changing how the financial markets operate, what it means to contribute to society and a pathway out of financial slavery requires a complete rewrite of human culture.

Rewriting human culture means question everything - even concepts every parent teaches their children about life, concepts our nation's laws are build upon. What does "contributing to society" mean? Or what is the purpose of the monetary system?

Inventing [Single-Algorithm AGI] would be one of the greatest advances in the history of science. It would speed up the progress of knowledge across the board, and change the world in ways that we can barely begin to imagine.
Professor Pedro Domingos, University of Washington