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Humanity is amazing!

Freedom is your ability to pursue your hopes and dreams without the constraint of wealth, financial obligations, culture, politics and religion and with minimum societal constraints. Every person deserves to be born into true freedom
Question everything:

Do we exist to serve the elite?

Are we really born into a life of serving the financial and political elite? Is life nothing more than waking up every day, go to work and earn a wage to pay our bills day in and day out until we retire?

How many of us can take a vacation to an island in the Pacific right now? The sad answer: Very few of us. Most of us don't have the capital, vacation time available or have other constraints.

There are very few nations that outlaws such a vacation. In theory, the vast majority of people on our planet can legally go. Too many of us struggle every day with making sure we have to most basic necessities in life. A vacation is a dream for many. Only a small fraction of us have the resources needed to make a spontanous decision to go.

The real question is: Do we really have the freedom our leaders claim we have?

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Inventing [Single-Algorithm AGI] would be one of the greatest advances in the history of science. It would speed up the progress of knowledge across the board, and change the world in ways that we can barely begin to imagine.
Professor Pedro Domingos, University of Washington
Freedom for the people:

Symbiotic human-machine relationship

Real freedom can only be realized when each individual has access to the resources they need to achieve their goals. Economics is a social science concerned with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services (link).

We believe we can achieve a future society where global economics are no longer biased to the political and financial elite, but where real artificial general intelligence (AGI) is built into the fabric of the economy.

Imagine an economy that understands you and your way of life - an economy that understands how to funnel the right resources to you allowing to move towards realizing your goals.

At the same time, the AGI learns how reality works by observing your life and everyone else. It turns this observation to knowledge it uses to work closely with scientist, engineers and designers to create new products, new medicines - even one day help mankind reach into deep space.

An AGI that serves humans through individual resource management while humans constantly provides the AGI the observations it needs to assist in creating new resources for humanity. That is a balanced and symbiotic relationship between humanity and machines.

Trillions of connected devices

For Nigel AGI to move from artificial general intelligence to super intelligence, we need trillions of connected devices. Learn more about how we envision that happening.Read More »

NigelCoin Economy

NigelCoin is the monetary system for this new economic model we are building. In the early days NigelCoin will play a public role. As a part of redefining what it means to contribute to society, users will earn NigelCoin as they live the life they want live. In the future we envision the monetary system to sink deeper into the stack and away from the public layer.

(coming soon)

Economic AGI Threat

An AGI that will decide to exterminate humans is not a realistic threat view. Learn how we envision an "economic AGI" becoming a threat to humanity.Read More »