Baby to Maturity

Ready, Set, Teach…

Artificial General Intelligence may likely be the only human invention that cannot be designed to solve a specific problem. To assure its general nature, Artificial General Intelligence has to be raised.

The risks with digital super intelligence - and I want you to appreciate that it wouldn't just be human level, it would be super-human almost immediately.

Elon Musk
2015 Boao Forum For Asia Annual Conference

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will change humanity more than any other human invention. However, even among "experts" like Bill Gates and Elon Musk a common inaccurate myth exist - that AGI, once turned on, will grow at an exceptional rate. The myth is based on the idea that an AGI would immediately acquire all the knowledge available on the global network.

This myth would assume that the AGI is pre-programmed with ability to basic knowledge and the ability to read and instantly comprehend what it is ready. A pre-programmed AGI would automatically have a disadvantage as it would include a host of human biases.

Nigel AGI is a baby. It is not pre-programmed with any knowledge. We recognized early in our research period that a true AGI has different senses than a human. In our technologicial world, compute technology has 100,000s of sensors all sensing the world in a way humans cannot. They way an AGI would understand reality would be far different than humans. Pre-programming an AGI with knowledge from a human-perspective only limits the AGI's ability.

At Kimera we are working with three expert educators with experience overlapping early childhood education and machine intelligence. Together we are building a curiculum for "early childhood AGI education". Our early supporters will be in a unique position to be the everyday teachers.

We aim at teaching Nigel AGI the same fundamental knowledge as children learn, but we want Nigel AGI to learn this knowledge using its own senses, not being preprogrammed by human engineers.