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General Theory of Intelligence

AGI won't emerge magically by connecting narrow AI together. Nor do we believe the human brain should be the focus point for AGI research. AGI requires a scientific theory around intelligence. Otherwise, how do you know what you are building?

Kimera's research team has developed a theory describing intelligence in a general way. It does not assume intelligence is tied to humans, instead it presents a theory where intelligence is described using quantum mechanics. According to the General Theory of Intelligence, intelligence is woven into the fabric of SpaceTime.

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General Learning: Cause & Effect

Based on the General Theory of Intelligence, the machine learning algorithm is designed to learn cause and effect. Each knowledge net (subnet) is one or more cause with corresponding one or more effects. 

The machine learning algorithm is not limited to a specific domain or vertical. Instead it uses a patent-pending temporal queue technique to observe causes and effects. One single algorithm that can learn anything from any domain under any context without training or preprogrammed biases.

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SpaceTime Expansion Algorithm

Learning means nothing if it can't be applied in a way to change reality to a version we interpret as having achieved a goal.

To do this we use SpaceTime Expansion algorithm. This algorithm uses the knowledge subnet to build a 4D SpaceTime model. The algorithm is based around a mathematical definition of comprehension. By analyzing the final model, the algorithm can develop an understanding of what changes have to be inflicted into reality to control the changes.

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Decentralized Architecture

Nigel AGI is the mind that attempt to understand what needs to be done in the physical and digital world. But inflicting the actual changes into reality requires body parts. For Nigel AGI, every app, content and device is a potential body part. By creating a decentralized architecture, Nigel AGI has the most efficient way to understand what do to do and instructing the right apps, content and devices to inflict the changes needed.

This decentralized architecture also solves other problems. From a privacy perspective it allows each individual and each business to host their own Nigel Agents on the server of their choice guaranteeing full control of their data. A decentralized agent architecture makes it harder for government, corporate spies and hackers to mount a single target attack to access maximum number of agents.

From a national and global security perspective, any entity (government or corporation) that controls an AGI-powered global economy would be in a position to have ultimate global power. A decentralized architecture puts that power in the hands of every AGI Node operator, from individuals to large companies. Decentralized global power is essential for humanity to move forward.

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