Flick Launcher

Flick Launcher

Flick Launcher takes human machine interface to the next level. With Nigel AGI integrated, your Android device starts learning how you live your life. Slowly it starts to magically assist you in everyday life!

Flick Launcher is and will for always remain free. However, NigelCoin and NigelBond subscribers will be able to activate Nigel AGI late January 2019 and participate in teaching Nigel AGI fundamental knowledge. All others will get access starting late summer 2019.

Flick Launcher

Nigel AGI Middleware / API

The Nigel AGI Android Middleware allows device manufacturers to integrate Nigel AGI into the Android OS. Enabling an out-of-the-box intelligent user experience brings a unique competitive advantage and positions the device for the future.

The middleware is also available for select Android applications. Apps integrating Nigel AGI will automatically earn NigelCoins and create a user stickiness unmatched by any other technology. Please contact our sales team with information about your app.

Nigel AGI integration is also available to non-Android OS devices through the Nigel AGI Middleware API. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Flick Launcher

Open Source: Nigel AGI Agents

As Nigel AGI becomes more intelligent, it will learn an enourmous amount of information about you. This information should never be accessible or the property of anyone besides you!

To ensure that Kimera, governments or special interest groups are never in a position to own your data, we are open sourcing the Nigel AGI agent to allow you to host it on any server, anywhere on the globe.

Flick Launcher

Nigel AGI Node

The global network was originally designed to be decentralized. Today, however, the Internet is dominated by centralized platforms owned by large powerful global corporations.

Tomorrow's society requires our planet to go back to the original vision of a decentralized global network. Nigel AGI is architected as an infrastructure technology allowing anyone to host an AGI Node in their network, regardless if it is a home network, wifi network at the local coffee shop, corporate network or big public networks.

Intersted in hosting your own AGI Node? Pre-sale for the AGI Node Home Edition opens January 2019. Estimated shipping date is late summer 2019.

Flick Launcher

NigelCoins Subscription

Nigel AGI aims at building a new AI-powered global economy from the ground up. An economy with the ability to comprehend each individuals goals and proactively work to bring the resources we need.

An economy requires a monetory system. NigelCoins represent the monetory system in the new AI-powered economy. Learn more about what NigelCoins are and what they can be used for. Purchase smaller amount of coins monthly through subscriptions starting at $1.99 per month and enjoy all the early benefits with Nigel AGI.

Flick Launcher

NigelBonds Subscription

The advantage of building a new AI-powered economy from the ground up is that we can make sure the economy works for each individual rather than the financial elite. We envision an economy where debt doesn't exist and where investing in the economy means you are investing into humanity.

We realize this with NigelBonds. Unlike traditional bonds, NigelBonds does not represent debt, only monthly income.

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