With so many software development kits (SDK) in the market, why is the Nigel SDK something you should consider using?


Your app will auto-distribute to the right users when Nigel AGI believes they need it to take a step closer to achieving their goal. Users are not required to be familiar with your app, know where it is hosted or even ever have heard of the app. Compared that to present day distribution where you either have to spend excessive amount on marketing or be lucky and have people stumble upon your app on the app store.

We call this the reverse app stored mode. Apps come to people instead of people looking for apps.

Intelligent Apps

Your app receives instructions from Nigel AGI about why the user is using your app, the purpose of the usage and how to best assist the user. No more one size fits all mantra on applications. Your app will align itself with the user over time.

Privacy & Security

You no longer have to use a major platform, like Facebook, for user accounts. With Nigel AGI Agent API, each user has their own personal API. Their agents can be anywhere on the web, fully owned and controlled by the user. The data generated by your app now goes to an individual, not a major international corporation who only uses it for revenue purposes.

Best of all, you don't have to worry about figuring out where the agent is located. The SDK will take care of authentication, communication and security. You just focus on what you do best - make a great app!

Team Player

In most everyday scenarios it would be impossible to make an app so uniquely aligned with the need of single user. With Nigel AGI SDK you can receive additional code from other apps that can provide additional functionality to your app that the user needs. On the flip side, your app can deliver part of its code to other apps when parts of your apps is needed.

Think of all the apps from all the developers working as a team to help the user in everyday life. Sharing happens both on the code and data layer.

Full Control

Your app is your work and you should have full control of when it should be used. If there are contexts you don't want to be a part of, Nigel AGI will make sure that your app is never invoked under those contexts. It doesn't matter if it is for religious, moral, ethical or financial reasons. Your app, your decision!

Auto Monetization

Your app operates under the same economic framework as the entire Nigel AGI economy. That means, every time your app delivers data to Nigel Agent, and every time your app applies knowledge according to Nigel AGI recommendation, you will earn NigelCoins.

If your app delivers some data to the Nigel Agent and that data is used in another app, you will make money! There is no limit on how money can be made. Just don't do an upfront cost to use your app - Nigel AGI isn't a big fan of that.

Think about it - every time your app is invoked, you automatically make money. To maximize run time events, make small apps doing one single task. The smaller your app is, the more it can be used alone or be integrated into other apps. In other words, the smaller it is, the more money you make.


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