Disruptive ICO: Subscription Model

Kimera announced today a new ICO model around subscription. This model, specifically targeting real users over pure investors, allows average users to participate in larger token purchases.

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Disruptive Tokenomics: Crypto Bonds

As a part of evolving a new economic model for an AI-powered tomorrow, Kimera introduces crypto bonds as a variable income multiplier vehicle. During the ICO retail investors can purchase bonds using US dollar at a discount. Post-ICO bonds will only be available using NigelCoins.Read More »

Next Announcement

Kimera.ai manifesto will be released second half of January 2020. Sign up for our newsletter!
Artificial General Intelligence may likely be the only human invention that cannot be designed to solve a specific problem. To assure its general nature, Artificial General Intelligence has to be raised.

General Theory of Intelligence

The General Theory of Intelligence is a quantum mechanics based theory describing intelligence. From the beginning we assumed intelligence had to be described outside of human context.Read More »

Temporal Queue

Cause and effect is the key in the process of changing the composition of Space-Time (or in plain English - changing reality). Temporal queue is the vehicle we use to convert observations to cause and effect based knowledge.Read More »

Decentralized Architecture

We believe AGI should belong to humanity, not to government or corporations. To achieve this, while preserving privacy, Nigel AGI was architected to be decentralized.Read More »
Artificial General Intelligence:

Why do we claim AGI?

According to a recent survey, scientist don't believe AGI will "occur" until 2060 or later (link). Claiming to have AGI today is a big claim. Why are we claiming something that won't happen for decades? And why do scientist believe it won't happen for decades?

Kimera's Nigel AGI technology is based on over 15 years of research - but not mainstream research around deep learning and neuroscience.

We followed basic scientific processes by starting with the most fundamental question one could ask: What is Intelligence? It makes perfect sense. How can you build an intelligent machine if you cannot scientifically define Intelligence?

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Today's global economy brings real freedom to only 0.65% of the global population. We intend to use AGI to build a new global economy that brings freedom to all of humanity.

AI-Powered Economy:

How will AGI transform humanity?

Scientist and futurists from around the globe agree that AGI will transform humanity more than any other man-made invention. But few can lay out an idea on how. Kimera believes the most impactful path is to bring human-level intelligence to the global economy.

Imagine living in a world where the entire global economy knew what your goals and dreams are and proactively worked to change reality to increase the probability of you reaching our goals. Sometimes that means making decisions autonomously while other times it is to bring you the resources you need to make your own decisions.

This AI-powered economy can truly transform what it means to live on planet Earth. It can help people out of poverty, help scientist find medical cures, help companies develop the products and services people need and more.

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Participate Today

Tomorrow's AI economy becomes a reality only after we take the first step. Participate today to raise Nigel AGI and see how it starts changing your life.Read More »

Redefining Work

Where 99% of humans really placed on Earth to work everyday to pay they bills while making the people on the top richer? We don't believe so. With the AI economy we are starting to redefine what it means to contributing to society.Read More »

AI + Crypto

NigelCoins represents the currency of the future. Not only is it a crypto-based currency, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but it also incorporates real intelligence.Read More »

A launcher, also known as a home-screen replacement, is simply an app that modifies the software design and features of your phone’s OS without making permanent changes

-Lounge Lizard

Observing Your Life

As a "baby" Nigel AGI is curious. It constantly observes how you live your life to learn common sense. For example, it took Nigel AGI three days to learn that it is common sense to silence the device and turn down the screen brightness at the movie theater.Read More »

Beyond Device Automation

Kimera will release Nigel AGI SDK that allows developers to build everything from everyday services, like public transportation apps and alarm clocks, to social and professional apps. Nigel AGI will be able to go inside these apps and tweak them, make the cooperate with each other and Flick Launcher will bring the right tweaked apps on your screen when you need it.Read More »

Tomorrow's UI Today

Today's home screen replacement apps make managing devices easier, but they are still assuming traditional passive device technology. Flick Launcher will experiment with new user interface models specifically designed for an AGI-powered device.Read More »
Android Integration:

Flick Launcher changes everything

Flick Launcher will bring Nigel AGI to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Nigel AGI will empower a new human-machine interface through Flick Launcher while users across the globe will enable Nigel AGI to learn faster and more diversely through observations across cultures and languages.

Meet Our Awesome Team

Transforming humanity requires people with passion and who pledge allegiance to humanity over nations and corporate interests.
Mounir Shita
Mounir Shita
Founder & CEO
James Whitley
James Whitley
Chief Operating Officer
Nicholas Gilman
Nicholas Gilman
Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer
How Find Us?

We are Almost Everywhere

It is impossible to find the best of humanity in a single city. That is why we are building a globally distributed team that trancends cultures, politics and religions. We are truly a global company.

Corporate Headquarters

Kimera Systems, Inc.
707 SW Washington Street, Suite 1100
Portland, OR 97205

Contact Information

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Jan 9
General AI: Where machine, humanity and society intersect

Founder & CEO Mounir Shita will present at the Computer Human Interaction Forum Of Oregon (CHIFOO) about AGI and the impact on society.

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Mar 1
Q1 Nigel AGI report

The Nigel AGI quarterly report outlines the learning and comprehension progress of Nigel AGI and the state of the AI-powered economy.

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Jun 1
Q2 Nigel AGI Report

The Nigel AGI quarterly report outlines the learning and comprehension progress of Nigel AGI and the state of the AI-powered economy.

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Sep 1
Q3 Nigel AGI Report

The Nigel AGI quarterly report outlines the learning and comprehension progress of Nigel AGI and the state of the AI-powered economy.

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