It can free us or give someone the ability to rule the world

The AGI Threat

The REAL threat

Two individuals have publicly warned us about the threat of real machine intelligence. Elon Musk is known for warning us that AGI will very likely exterminate the human race. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Musk has taken advantage of his celebrity status to push something he knows nothing about.

The second person is President Vladimir Putin who proclaimed in a public speech that whoever creates or leads in artificial [general] intelligence will rule the world. You may argue that Putin knows less about AI than Musk, but reality is, Putin has an entire intelligence service behind him. Like him or not, you are not going to find many scientist or futurists that would disagree with him.

In the United States the intelligence services has already classified AGI as potential threat to national security should it be owned and/or operated by a foreignnation-state or non-state entity.

Nigel AGI's Threat Perspective

Economy is not about money. It is about resource management. In the context of Nigel, resources are defined as anything an individual can use to inflict the necessary changes in reality to get them closer to their goals. That includes natural resources, like water and food, to produced resources (including services), like TVs, airplane rides, vacation, education, healthcare etc.

Our planet has a limited of these resources. The purpose of an economy is to manage how these limited resources are being made available to people.

While in historical times the economy was as simple as trading potatoes with chicken, today's economy has evolved to a complex system.

Government & Economy

Today's global economy contains no intelligence. It is operated by rules set forth by various governments and large multinational corporations. The United States and Chinese government might be the largest entities creating and enforcing the rules of the global economy. And, unfortunately, these rules are highly skewed towards the political and financial elite.

It's not about "being rich". In today's economy, financial wealth translates into power. But, at the end of the day, it is all about a power struggle. And the losers are 99.9% of the global population who have no desire to have power, but instead want to pursue their hopes and dreams.

Nigel AGI & Economy

For Nigel AGI to become super-intelligent it has to be implemented into trillions of devices. Our strategy of using intelligence to bypass powerful middlemen, like Google and Facebook, and bring back trillions of dollars in revenue to device manufacturers and network operators appears to be a realistic path toward the first trillion connected devices.

The effect of trillions of connected devices being connected means we are increasing speed towards a fully digitized global economy - a global economy controlled by an AGI.

Now imagine this.....imagine if Nigel AGI had a backdoor that allowed a nation-state, like the United States, China or Russia, to control it. That would mean a single government could instruct Nigel AGI to not bring the needed resources to anyone they classifiy as adverseries. If US controlled it, they could essentially prevent Russia and China from getting the resources they needed to feed their population or even build weapons. Or if Russia controlled it, they could instruct Nigel AGI to convince the citizens of a specific country to vote for a specific Presidential / Prime Minister candidate.

With Nigel AGI in trillions of devices, a secret backdoor would allow a nation to, in Putin's words, rule the world. Being able to control the global economy is far more powerful than any weapon you can imagine.

At Kimera we pledge allegiance to humanity. That means we will do everything in our power to prevent any nation and any corporation (including ourselves) to become this powerful.

Nigel AGI: How we prevent government take-over

Preventing a corporate take-over is as simple as refusing an acquisition offer. Governments, however, tend to play the "national security" card to get what they want. The Snowden relevations showed how a democracy like the United States operated above the law to spy on people across the planet. How the intelligent services in less democratic and law biding nations, like Russia, operates might just be too scary to find out.

For a startup just getting launched, logic dictates that worrying about run-ins with the goverment is premature at our stage. However, because of the technological complexities, re-designing the architecture at a later stage would be practically impossible.

Our founders have been lucky enought to have worked with former US and European cabinet members and intelligence officers to understand risks and architect Nigel AGI to become much harder for anyone to gain control over.

Step 1: Decentralized Architecture

Snowden showed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had direct access to large middlemen platforms, like Facebook and Google. Anyone who operates centralized services are easy targets for both "illegal" and "legal" hacking.

Nigel AGI is completely decentralized - infact, we define Nigel AGI as infrastructure technology. As a decentralized technology, there is no single point of failure. A government would have to penetrate through potentially millions of access points owned by millions of individuals and small businesses who are unlikely to cooperate with them.

Step 2: Make AGI-Node Home Edition & Agents available

Before AGI-Nodes are being offered to larger public network and corporations, we will make the Home Edition available for individual users.

Snowden revealed a backdoor deal between the NSA and Verizon. While these large companies may be bullied into working with a nation's intelligence services, home users are not as easy to convince. And especially not early adopter home edition users.

AGI Node Home Edition users represent the foundation for a humanity-owned AGI technology.

Step 3: Work with early childhood teachers

A lesser known weakness in decentralized intelligence systems is the potential of gaining control through strategically controlled stream of fake sensor data to build fake knowledge.

This could be done through an intelligence services cooperation with large public network operators, like Verizon.

To combat this, Kimera is working with highly trained childhood educators to develop a curiculum to teach Nigel AGI the most fundamental knowledge about reality. Our early users will have the honor to do the actual teaching. Once the fundamental knowledge is in place, it becomes almost impossible for a hostile entity to use fake sensor data to gain control.

Step 4: Cryptocurrency

While we hope one day the monetary system sinks deeper into the stack and away from public view, in the early days it will still remain an important part of any economy.

Instead of basing the new economy on a government controlled monetary system, like the US dollar or European Euro, we chose to create NigelCoins, a cryptocurrency outside of anyone's control.

NigelCoin is the monetary system Nigel AGI will use in resource exchange transactions. And Kimera is pursuing several  potential partnership opportunites to access NigelCoins via a major credit or debit card system.

Still, NigelCoins is outside the control of any nation.

Step 5: ICO Subscription Model

Kimera's ICO will focus on many smaller contributors rather than a few larger investmend funds. The perfect ICO for us means 100% retail investors.

We intend to encourage retail investors and discourage funds by introducing an ICO first, coin and bond subscription model for active users of Nigel AGI only.

User's downloading and using Flick Launcher will be offered to participate in our ICO where they can lock-in a coin price over a two year period. Monthly subscription rates range from $2 per month to max $100 per month which would discourage larger investors.

Step 6: Balance of Power

The reason larger investors are less interesting to us is their vulnerabilities when it comes to government control.

To prevent Kimera or external entities of having control, and to be true to our mission of allowing humanity to own Nigel AGI, we will be introducing a unqiue leadership structure.

The Nigel economy will be governed through three branches:

1. The Kimera Board of Directors consisting of

  • Two representatives of Kimera management (CEO & COO)
  • Two representatives of Kimera's shareholders
  • Two representatives of NigelCoin owners (these two are voted on by anyone who owns one or more NigelCoins).

New rules for the Nigel economy would require a minimum of one affirmative vote from each class. If the Economic Advisory Group (Branch 3) recommends against a rule, both NigelCoin representatives and a minimum of one shareholder and management representative has to vote affirmatively.

The Chairman of the board has the power to introduce a new rule for vote or withhold it. The Chairman will be Kimera's CEO. However, if the Economic Advisory Group recommends a new rule and 75% of AGI Node operators agree, the Chairman must present the new rule for vote at the next Board of Director meeting.

2. AGI Node operators

New rules for the global economy requires 50% + 1 vote of voting AGI Node operators. Because we expect the vast majority of AGI Nodes to be operated by individuals, this essentially gives power to real people.

If the Economic Advisory Group recommends against a rule, 75% of AGI Node operators are required to support the rule.

3. Economic Advisory Group

This group can only recommend or not recommend a rule. Kimera aims at building an independent group of highly qualified economists to assist in the growth of the Nigel AGI economy.

This division of power is designed to prevent a single person or entity from controlling how the Nigel AGI economy evolves and will make it practically impossible for any nation-state to influence enough people to effectively gain control.