Nigel AGI Middleware / API

Middleware & API

Through the Kimera small business partnership program, select Android applications and smaller connected device manufacturers can integrate the Android middleware library or get access to the Nigel AGI Agent API.

For apps with less than 500,000 active installs, applications like launchers personal assistant and other applications with background process designed to improve user experience (UX) can qualify to integrate the UI-less Nigel AGI middleware.

For smaller connected hardware manufacturers who deliver less than 100,000 units to consumers per year, the Nigel AGI Agent API would transform the user experience within the device.

Please contact our SMB team at [email protected]

OS Integration API

For larger device manufacturers with a minimum of 5,000,000 sold units per annum, we are offering a full revenue earning and UX controlled agent API access.

Manufacturers can integrate Nigel AGI API deep into the operating system. Benefits include:

  • Max ROI through revenue earnings
  • Business logic to preserve overall brand and UX experience
  • Deep OS integration - as far down as controlling CPU operations

Please contact our device team at [email protected]