ICO Model: Subscription

ICO Model: Subscription

Kimera Systems, Inc. is launching a new model for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) aimed at attracting real users with long term ROI potential. Currently majority of ICOs utilize a bonus or discount model that incentives coin dumping the moment the coin is listed on an exchange. This model offers no incentive to attract real users nor does it offer any long term usage ROI. Kimera intends to change this.

Starting Feb 1, 2019, Kimera is launching the world's first ICO subscription model. Because the NigelCoin ICO is backed by the intellectual property of the world's first Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), it was important for Kimera to make sure the ownership of the Nigel AGI technology was distributed among real users, not a few wealthy individuals or funds. Kimera also realized that most early adopter users were unlikely to be able to invest large amount of funds into an ICO. As a result, Kimera is introducing a new subscription model.

When a user signs up for a subscription, Kimera sets a side enough coins to guarantee a coin price for up to two years. For example, if current coin price is $0.30 and a user starts a $10 per month subscription, that user will earn 33.33 NigelCoins per month for up to two years. Kimera will set aside 800 coins to be able to guarantee to service a subscription with a guaranteed coin price of $0.30 (or whatever it is at time of subscription) for up to two years regardless of what the current market price is for the coin. If the user cancels the subscription prior to the two years, Kimera will not enforce an early termination fee of any sort. The unclaimed coins will simple be offered at the current price to other users.

Subscriptions start as low as $2 per month and up to $100 per month. The earlier a user initiats a subscription, the lower the price is. Any subscription initiated, even immediately on Feb 1st will run past the exchange listing date. All coins are immediately available to be sold on the exchange as soon as they are paid for.

Every coin purchase subscription include a NigelBond subscription at no additional cost. NigelBonds are a financial instrument designed to help develop a debt free future global economic model that is human-centric. In the short term, NigelBonds offer a long-term ROI opportunity for real users. NigelBonds are of no value to pure investors who do not utilize the Nigel AGI system.

Any person initiating a subscription prior to the launch of Flick Launcher will be able to maximize ROI through:

  • Participate as a¬†Nigel Teacher¬†and participate in teaching exercises to teach Nigel AGI basic knowledge, even reading skills.
  • Claiming stakes in the core knowledge needed to any future actions.
  • Early access to any experimental technology for life.

These benefits end when Flick Launcher with Nigel AGI Early Adopter Edition launches. Anyone who signs up after Flick launches will need to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 to access the above benefits.