The Human-Machine Interface Revolution

Flick Launcher


Kimera Systems To Acquire Flick Launcher

Flick Launcher will bring Nigel AGI to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Nigel AGI will empower a new human-machine interface through Flick Launcher while users across the globe will enable Nigel AGI to learn faster and more diversely through observations across cultures and languages.

Michele Lacorte, the developer of Flick Launcher, and Kimera Systems have agreed on the principle terms of an acquisition. While Nigel AGI integration will commence immediately, the closing of the acquisition isn't expected until late Q1 2019.

Read more from Flick Launcher developer Michele Lacorte and Kimera's founder and CEO Mounir Shita.


What is a Launcher or Home Screen Replacement app?

A launcher, also known as a home screen replacement app, is the default screen on every general purpose computer, like a mobile phone. It is the screen where you can launch other games and apps and have general control of the device.

According to Webopedia Launcher is the name given to the part of the Android user interface that lets users customize the home screen (e.g. the phone's desktop), launch mobile apps, make phone calls, and perform other tasks on Android devices.

On Android, due to its openness, it is possible for a 3rd party developer to build a custom launcher. A 3rd party launcher completely replaces the default Google, or device manufacturer, launcher. Developers build all kinds of launchers, often creative solutions to how people interface with their mobile device.

With Nigel AGI a new path is paved for human-machine interface. Launchers today all attempt to make the discovery and presentation of apps. Some use creative tricks to help sort your app drawer - like using location data to learn which apps you use where. But at the end of the day, you as a person are still the one who have to manually operate your phone.

Flick Launcher with Nigel AGI gives the device the ability to think and understand what you are doing and what goals you are attempting to realize. Armed with that knowledge, Flick will automate the device in a variety of ways. Some examples include:

  • Silence your phone at the movie theater
  • Auto-reply to a text message
  • Perform automated decisions
  • Surface the right app on your screen - even apps you didn't know existed
  • Bring disparate apps together through code merging to create a unique user experience specifically designed to help you reach your goal

It is important to note that Nigel AGI is not pre-programmed with any task. All tasks have to be learned from the ground up. That means Flick Launcher with Nigel AGI will act more as a traditional launcher once the integration is over, but over time become more and more proactive as it learns more about reality.

Flick Launcher Features

Android Oreo

Android O arrives right away! You can enable the badge with the dots, change its color and also the alignment with the icon, we just introduced new teardrop icon mask! Obviously, the settings menu is all upgraded and follows the guidelines of Android O.

Flick Launcher Now

Flick Launcher is ready for Google Now panel integration!

Just download this companion app and go into Flick Launcher Settings->Flick Integrations and Allow it!

Flick Launcher Pro

Going to the Pro version gives you lots more customizations! For example, Android O notification dots badge! (also with color personalization), new gesture, open notification bar with gesture, open app drawer with gesture, home key action, also with long press, proximity sensor gesture and much more!

It's Personal

Flick Launcher provides a lots of customization in all launcher category like Drawer, Folder, Security, Gesture, Search bar, Notification, Dock, Pages

Flick with Nigel AGI Features (Coming Soon)


Participation in the early access program requires active NigelCoin and/or NigelBond subscription.

For Flick users not participating in early access program, access to Nigel AGI features will be on wait list starting after the early access program. To join wait list, download Flick Launcher and enter your email address. Uninstalling Flick or making another launcher default will automatically remove you from the wait list.